Here is a(n incomplete) list of the researchers that I have worked with and/or have helpful resources on their websites:

My postdoc advisor Mike Murrell

My PhD advisor Dan Blair

Shiladitya Banerjee -multiscale modeling of living systems

Max Bi -theoretical biophysics

Dan Chen-rheology and bio systems

Chris Holland-everything native silk

David Kaplan -everything reconstituted silk

Dave Kovar -actin networks

Pramukta Kumar-useful Leica –> Matlab software

Peter Olmsted -theory of biological systems

John Royer -experimental colloids and grains

Ulrich Schwarz -conferences for soft matter and biological physics

Danny Seara -branch of molecular dynamics simulation package AFINES

Jeff Urbach -boundary stresses

Eric Weeks -website providing the “Who’s Who” list of Soft Matter

John Williamson -application of theory to Soft Matter (and music)

The Institute for Soft Matter Synthesis and Metrology at Georgetown University

Systems Biology Institute at Yale University